Lazy life

But not for long...

This week is going to be so busy I have so much stuff to sort out by the end of this month!
We are moving to a new house and I can't wait to be more settled so I can start relaxing into my pregnancy at last! 

A little introduction

This is the scan picture at 12 weeks last month, I am now 20 weeks today and my next scan is due on Thursday. I am so excited to see this cutie again even though its just on screen, not only that but we finally get to find out the gender! Any guesses? Anyway I'm going to start updating more on this bump as my pregnancy goes on and write little notes for he or she to maybe read one day.

To my bubba, 

To me you are the most beautiful thing in the world, I spent two days glued to this picture of you. Me and papa was so happy to see you on screen and you kept jumping around like a little frog! The midwife said you have long legs and big feet! 
Since then you have grown so much and I felt you kick for the first time on Valentines day when your papa had his hand on my bump. You must have been saying hello to us and it made our day!

Keep strong little one,



A few of my favourite snaps from the bestival last year, this was such a happy time for the boy and I. Utter chaos but we loved every minute of it! Memories that I will treasure forever.


Lazy day dream away


lights along the pier

it has been a while but i really miss my blog and i want try and blog more often although i wont pressure myself, just a few photos here and there of my life and things i like, just a personal diary for me to look back on perhaps.
i hope you enjoy



i recently moved out